ABUNDANCE AURAGRAM: moss agate gemstone / green aura




      I am Moss Agate: stone of blessings, infinite abundance, and nature, itself. I am eternally fortunate. And so are you. Together, we will know deep gratitude for all we already have, and draw in even more of life’s incredible bounty.

      Carry me with you, meditate with me, keep me close. We are a fruitful duo.

      our ABUNDANCE AURAGRAM includes: a moss agate gemstone, our protective tin, abundance auragram card (meaning, purpose, aura color, element, chakras, planet, practices, + invocation), gem care card, luxe envelope, handwritten card (with your custom message, if sending a gift), and a delightful unboxing experience!

      • moss agate gemstone
      • natural mineral, born of the Earth
      • infinite  abundance energy
      • size: lusciously large (appx. 1 1/2” - 2”)
      • gem cut class: smooth
      • hand-chosen + gently cleansed


      Receiving an AURAGRAM is an experience of surprise, delight, + love!

      Add to your collection or gift + uplift a special someone.

      It’s Good Energy Inside.

      our gems are natural. naked + glorious. never dyed.

      we've built strong relationships directly with mineral mines. we know where our gems come from + how they've been mined: responsibly + with care.

      99% of our packaging is made with recycled materials, is recyclable, or both!

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