MASTER HEALER CLUSTER AURAGRAM (MINI): clear quartz cluster / white aura




      I am Clear Quartz: the Master Healer. The Stone of Light. Power, purification, magic, + luminous energy.

      In immensely potent Clear Quartz Cluster form, I am a universe of divine crystals. Together, we will purify your energy + your environment, fill you up with brilliant light, and open you to your highest spiritual self.

      our MASTER HEALER CLUSTER AURAGRAM (MINI) includes: a clear quartz cluster, our protective tin, master healer auragram card (meaning, purpose, aura color, elements, chakra, + star/satellite), gem care card, luxe envelope, handwritten card (with your custom message, if sending a gift), and a delightful unboxing experience!

      • clear quartz cluster
      • natural mineral, born of the Earth
      • infinite healing energy
      • our MASTER HEALER CLUSTER MINIS have beautiful vitreous luster, defined faces, and prismatic structure
      • size: appx. 1 3/4” - 2 1/2”
      • hand-chosen + gently cleansed


      Receiving an AURAGRAM is an experience of surprise, delight, + love!

      Add to your collection or gift + uplift a special someone.

      It’s Good Energy Inside.

      our gems are natural. naked + glorious. never dyed.

      we've built strong relationships directly with mineral mines. we know where our gems come from + how they've been mined: responsibly + with care.

      99% of our packaging is made with recycled materials, is recyclable, or both!

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