To have ORANGE energy is to spark with infinite creative fireworks.

orange aura meaning orange aura color energy the creator artist @ AURA LUVR! aura colors and aura color meanings - amplify your aura!

Orange Aura Identity: THE CREATOR / ARTIST

Orange Aura Elements: FIRE + AIR

Orange Aura Gemstone: CARNELIAN

Orange Aura Planet/Star: JUPITER + THE SUN

Orange Aura Chakra: SACRAL


// If your aura is ORANGE: //

 You are a fountain of ideas — and you take action on them.

 Your creativity and imagination are boundless.

 Making + creating = how you play.


// To function at their highest level + potential, ORANGES need: //

1. To be able to express themselves freely — artistically, creatively, interpersonally, spiritually.

2. Space to create, experiment, explore.

3. Connection + frequent exposure to their favorite art forms: music, dance, painting, photography, writing, etc.

4. Faith in the Self.

5. Meditative time to recharge their Orange juices.

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