Everyone has Good Energy Inside — that infinite wellspring of goodness ready for you to tap in to at any time.

// Choosing Good Every Day //

When you make it a practice to choose GOOD above all else every single day, you naturally overflow with Good Energy. And it touches everything you do and everyone you meet.

// Real Life, Rocky Roads, + Pie in the Face //

Some days can be challenging. Life splats a big ol’ pie right in your surprised face. The secret is: YOU GET TO CHOOSE YOUR RESPONSE. Is it a mud pie and you lay down in the mire of misery? Or is it a chocolate mousse dream of a pie...a lick-it-off-your-face and flow forward kind of pie? YOU CHOOSE.

// Cultivating Good Energy = Creating Your Own Universe of Good //

To cultivate Good Energy is to raise it up, nourish it, ripen it, bolster it, boost it.

When you do this, you build yourself a bounce-back cushion + a universe of good.

Ready to raise it up? Good. Let’s do it.



1.) PLAY. Think back to when you were a kid. What are the things you loved to do most? Climb trees? Finger paint? Build forts? It’ll make you smile + glow when it comes to you. Now, GO DO THAT. And do it often, whenever you need a boost.

2.) MEDITATE. Forget what you’ve heard about meditation being complicated. All you need to do is sit down comfortably in a safe space and breathe. Your monkey mind will monkey about. Gently bring your focus back to your breath. Start with 5 minutes at a time. You can do it. We promise, it will change your life. Clarity + calm + goodness.

3.) TALK TO YOURSELF. KINDLY. DAILY. Give yourself the encouragement you need. Dialogue like you would with the person you love most.

4.) KEEP A JOURNAL. Write as often as possible. Let all your frustrations, worries, and muckety muck out on the pages. When they’re out of you, they filter out of your mind, too.

5.) MAKE A BEST FRIEND OUT OF YOURSELF. Spend time alone with you. Know thyself. And be true to yourself. If there’s one person in your whole world who has your back, make it you. And it will always be a truth you can count on.

6.) THINK GOOD THOUGHTS. Your mind is your world. You have the ultimate say and the ultimate control.

7.) SEND GOOD ENERGY TO OTHERS. With your thoughts, with a neat treat (like an Auragram!), with your words, with action. When you do good, you feel good — and you cultivate Good Energy inside + out.

8.) DROP THE THINGS THAT DRAG YOU DOWN. PICK UP, HOLD ON TO, AND CULTIVATE THE GOOD THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. Negative “friends”? Adieu. Tech overload? Adios. Shut it down. Mean self-talk? Fin. No more. Say hello + stay forever to: peace, the feel-goods, and being truly present.

9.) TRUST YOURSELF. This takes practice. Commit to it. When you trust yourself to make good choices, a lot of the stress and struggle fall away. And trusting that you can find solutions to anything and can face + make it through anything makes you unstoppable.

10.) TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF. This means: put good foods in your body to fuel yourself, get good sleep, rest + recharge, have fun + play often, and put in the good work it takes to keep your body, mind, and spirit happy and healthy.

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