Passion. Love. Inner Fire. Manifestation of Heart’s Desires. Vitality. Seizing Every Moment.

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GARNET GEMSTONE (garnet properties + facts):

When we think of garnets, we envision the gorgeous deep blood-red hued minerals. These are Almandine garnets and Pyrope garnets (occurring in a varied % chemical mixture of both species).  There are over twenty different species of garnets in a rainbow of colors — red, pink, brown, green, yellow, orange, gray, black, and the rare colorless and blues. This gemstone has a rich and lengthy history, dating back to ancient Egypt and Rome, of being worn and gifted for love, health, and honor.

Aura Luvr garnets are an Almandine + Pyrope mix. Almandines are iron-rich, typically red to brown, and their name is rooted in an ancient gem-cutting city. They typically live in metamorphic rocks. Pyropes are magnesium-rich, often blood-red, named after the Greek word pyr meaning fire. They are generally found in igneous rocks.


“Garnet” comes from the the Latin word granatum: pomegranate.

GARNET MEANING (garnet energy / garnet symbolism):

Passion. Love. Inner Fire. Heart’s Desires Come True. Vitality. Heart Energy. Seizing Every Moment. Aliveness.


All of these uses will imbue your aura + life energy with Garnet’s unique elemental energy.

1. Keep garnet gems close to you and within your environment

2. Wear garnets

3. Meditate with your garnet

4. Cultivate, Focus, + Send Good Energy with your garnet

5. Gift garnets to those who need them (send GARNET!)


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